• The Connected Pub

    We are creating the pub of the future through connected devices.

    YIELD: The silent enemy

    WeissBeerger helps you understand when and where your waste is costing you lost revenue. Optimise your team, not just your tech.

    Mobile apps to go

    The fastest and easiest way to help pub managers and operations teams on the go.

    Sales growth

    WeissBeerger transforms your in-bar operations by working with your team as a “big data” business intelligence partner. We have a proven track record of increasing tap efficiency scores by up to 35%

    The Perfect Serve

    Whether its temperature, freshness or sanitation, our smart taps provide meaningful insights in real-time, with the help from some very clever algorithms.

  • Our Mission

    We are passionate about changing the relationship between pub operators, breweries and consumers.We utilise real-time data and the Internet of Things to enhance the pub experience and improve profitability for multiple operators.

    We are creating the pub of the future through connected devices.

  • Knowing high level data is no longer good enough

    The IoT and Big Data Revolution brings granular real-time data on an individual pub basis and enables operators to optimise decisions and take immediate actions.


    Real-time management tool

    Gain real-time data driven insights across your business, and stay on top with customised alerts.


    Increase revenue

    Make insightful decisions as all your information is in one place so it’s easier to prioritise and make quick decisions based on the most up-to- date information.


    Reduce costs

    Identify where your yield problems are costing you money. Optimise inventory management and save your operations team hours each week.

  • Growth driven by customer success

    Working with the biggest breweries and leading operators

  • Case studies, news and inspiration

    Lockside Lounge


    Tap Efficiency data drives

    50% increase in sales.

    WeissBeerger in the UK


    WeissBeerger’s CEO summarises the key trends and innovations for the UK

    Lancer Corp and WeissBeerger turn to soda

    A partnership designed to monitor beverage dispensers for soft drinks


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